Take a Graminy workshop!

Take a Graminy workshop!

Graminy now offers workshops when we come to your area. Choose among these: String Improv, Fiddle, Guitar, and Tune Writing.


Offered for Violin, Viola, Cello, and Bass players. Level: Intermediate/Advanced.

Mary Gaines (cello) and Chris Wagoner (violin) have been improvising string players for over three decades, spanning a wide range of styles. Depending upon the skill levels of those participating, topics may include concepts such as “blanket” scales, major and minor pentatonic scales, melodic and rhythmic variations, understanding chords and their relationship to the melody, the use of riffs and “call and response” and learning to construct a solo that tells a story (learning to communicate in the language of music).


Offered for violin and viola. Level: Beginner/Intermediate.

Shauncey Ali (fiddle) directs MadFiddle, a youth ensemble that explores and performs fiddle music from around the world. He will teach a couple of his favorite tunes, offering authentic ornamentation and variations in the genre. He’ll also touch on key backup techniques that making jamming together fun. Tunes will be taught by ear, however sheet music is provided. Playing experience necessary, all ages welcome.

TUNE WRITING WORKSHOP: Going Where the Notes Take You — How to Write a Melody

Offered for all aspiring tune writers.

What is the magic that turns a string of notes into a distinctive and catchy melody? The trouble many aspiring tune-writers face is that everything you come up with sounds like stuff you’ve heard before. The trick is learning how to surprise yourself, to fool yourself into stepping out of the ordinary. In this workshop, we’ll experiment with “vertical” or chord-based ways and “horizontal” or “noodling” ways to fool yourself. We’ll also talk about the structure of melodies in Western classical and grassroots music. And we’ll write some tunes!

GUITAR WORKSHOP: The Art of Rhythm Guitar

Offered for guitar players, all levels.

What goes into playing the versatile guitar rhythms required by a
group like Graminy? First there are the chords – which voicings, high
strings or low strings? Moving chord shapes, or open-string chords? Then the right hand – how to keep the strum under control, when to use fingerpicking, when to use crosspicking, what patterns to use? And when to play nothing at all? This workshop includes the essential Chord Charts, Strumming and Picking exercises used to develop the skills of a dynamic rhythm guitarist, and the answers to your questions.