Chris Wagoner

About This Project


A founding member of Madison’s Harmonious Wail, The Common Faces, The Bob Westfall Quartet, The Moon Gypsies, and The Stellanovas (all but Harmonious Wail co-founded with Mary Gaines), Chris has had his foot in just about every musical circle in Madison. Classically trained as a violinist, he met Mary while attending the UW-Madison. Switching to an alternating diet of jazz and classical violin studies, while playing in bands ranging from rock, blues, bluegrass, and country, to folk and jazz, Chris has been an in-demand performer and session musician in the region for almost two decades. He is the author of Hal Leonard’s Fiddle Method: Book 1, released in January 2010. And he co-hosts Mad Toast Live! with his wife Mary Gaines (see above).